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Tubular Rivet

  • Semi-tubular Rivet

    Semi-tubular Rivet

    Semi-tubular rivet Semi-tubular rivet (also known as tubular rivets) are essentially the same as solid rivets, but with a shallow hole at the tip, opposite the head. This hole causes the tubular portion of the rivet (around the hole) to roll outward when force is applied....Read More
  • Hollow Rivet

    Hollow Rivet

    Hollow rivet Tubular rivets are manufactured according to DIN 7340 with flat head (Form A), roller-performed round head (Form B) or with countersunk head (Form C) from seamless, drawn precision tubes. This offers the advantage over deep-drawn hollow rivets, that both the...Read More
  • Tube Rivet

    Tube Rivet

    Tube rivet Tube Rivets are another method of riveting but, as the name implies, you use a tube as the rivet! Two crucial factors with tube rivets: ●Hole size to tube size ratio – the tube diameter and the hole size should be a close match. If the fit is not snug fit it will...Read More
  • Shoulder Rivet

    Shoulder Rivet

    Shoulder rivet A “shoulder rivet” has a manufactured head on one end, a solid shoulder under the head and a smaller diameter shank that is solid or has a semi-tubular or tubular hole. Common rivet head styles are flat, oval, truss, button and countersunk. Among the raw...Read More
  • Brass Tubular Rivet

    Brass Tubular Rivet

    Brass tubular rivet Tubular and semi tubular rivets are unthreaded fasteners used to join lightweight materials together in industrial applications. Made from steel, stainless steel, copper, or brass, they are also known as hollow rivets and can fasten a range of material...Read More
  • Hollow Brass Rivet

    Hollow Brass Rivet

    Hollow brass rivet Hollow brass rivet,also known as brass tubular rivet,Semi-tubular rivet and tubular rivets are excellent fasteners to quickly and inexpensively join work-piece materials together.Brass rivets are suitable for applications that require a nonmagnetic...Read More
  • Copper Rivet

    Copper Rivet

    Copper rivet The copper rivet here means the red copper tubular rivet,both for semi-tubular and full tubular rivet.they are also known as hollow rivets and can fasten a range of material thicknesses as specified.Fastenings used in traditional industry,such as copper nails and...Read More
  • Stainless Steel Rivet

    Stainless Steel Rivet

    Stainless steel rivet Here,the stainless steel rivet refer in particular to stainless steel semi-tubular and tubular rivet, tubular rivet also known as a hollow rivet, has shank hole-depth equal to or greater than 112% of the shank diameter. Common rivet head styles are oval,...Read More
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