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Steel Special Fastener

  • Square U Bolt

    Square U Bolt

    Square U bolt Their square shape makes these U-bolts perfect for suspending metal channel and duct work. Square u-bolts are typically used for attaching product to a square shaped post and can also be embedded in concrete and used as anchor bolts. Square u-bolts are also used...Read More
  • Shoulder Bolt

    Shoulder Bolt

    Shoulder bolt Shoulder bolts, or shoulder screws, have a long, unthreaded, cylindrical shoulder that allows for the rotation of attached parts like pulleys, gears, moving parts of engines and mechanical assemblies, and rolling wheels. These screws are also used to attach...Read More
  • Knurled Bolt

    Knurled Bolt

    Knurled bolt The knurled bolts are the bolts with the knurled head or shoulder for special purpose.It can increase the efficiency of assembly or the combined friction force.As usual,the knurle will be stright stripe or diamond embossed. Key Specifications/Special Features:...Read More
  • Special Bolts

    Special Bolts

    Special bolts As a big sort of fasteners,special bolts are widely used on fastening area.They are usually with special head or special thread.To make the special head,we can accept to use cold forge,hot forge,turning or punch production process ,according to your requirement...Read More
  • 2H Nut

    2H Nut

    2H NUT High strength ASTM A194 grade 2H nuts are common in the marketplace and are often substituted for ASTM A563 grade DH nuts due to the limited availability of DH nuts in certain diameters and finishes.2H NUTS are quenched tempered heavy hex nuts. Key...Read More
  • Special Furniture Fitting Nut

    Special Furniture Fitting Nut

    Special furniture fitting nut Special furniture fitting nuts are special shape nuts which usually be used on furniture etc.According to your requirement,we can use turning,cold forge or stamping to produce the nuts to match your special purpose. Key Specifications/Special...Read More
  • Shoulder Screws

    Shoulder Screws

    Shoulder screws Shoulder screws, also known as shoulder bolts and stripper bolts, are machine screws with an integral shoulder or journal between the head and thread. Key Specifications/Special Features: 1. Standard: thread and grade per ANSI/DIN 2. Size: Per customers...Read More
  • Square Head Screws

    Square Head Screws

    Square head screws Here,the square head screws are not the square-drive screws,but the screws with square or rectangle head.According to your size and quantity requirement,the head can be made by cold forged,hot forged or together with trimming process. Key...Read More
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