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Brass Special Fastener

  • Brass Non-standard Bolt

    Brass Non-standard Bolt

    Brass non-standard bolt Brass provides corrosion resistance and offers thermal and electrical conductivity;even plain surface without any finish or coating.So,the brass bolt have the advantage itself.And for some specail usage and space limited,the brass non-standard bolt...Read More
  • Brass Non-standard Screw

    Brass Non-standard Screw

    Brass non-standard screw The anti-corrosive and water resistant nature of brass screws means they are ideal for exterior use.Quite often iron screws with a brass plating are used, but brass screws work just as well. The main benefits of these screws will be found when...Read More
  • Brass Special Nut

    Brass Special Nut

    Brass special nut Brass nut is not easy to rust and corrosion, and the advantages of easy thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity is strong, generally used for rust prevention, high temperature, conductive, thermal conductivity, etc. Use of environment, water faucet,...Read More
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