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Connection Method And Use Range Of Tubular Rivet.
May 01, 2018

1. Ordinary riveting

The normal riveting process is simple, the method is mature, the connection strength is stable and reliable, the application range is wide. The connection piece has a large deformation. Widely used in various components and parts, of which the round head, flat cone head rivet connection for the body's internal organization and the aerodynamic shape requirements lower outer skin, countersunk head riveting is mainly used for outer skin, aerodynamic shape demanding large oval head rivet connection for aerodynamic shape requirement is lower skin areas such as the tank and fuel tank.

2. Seal riveting

Seal riveting is characterized by the ability to eliminate structural gaps and plug leakage paths. The process is more complicated, and the laying of sealing materials should be carried out in certain construction temperature and humidity. It is used for the position and structure of the closed requirement, into the whole oil tank, the air tight cockpit and so on.

3. Special riveting

High riveting efficiency and simple operation; Special requirements for adaptive structure; The rivet structure is complex, the manufacturing cost is high, the application scope is narrow, the rivet fault is not easy to be excluded. It can be used for repair and troubleshooting.

4. Hand rivet

Simple tools, easy to operate, low efficiency. It is sometimes used for group parts, plate nuts and double-sided riveting.

5. Impact riveting

It is suitable for all kinds of riveting structures, not even open and complicated structure, riveting fashion accessories can be in various positions and states; Compared with the pressure riveting, the quality stability is poor, the efficiency is low, the noise is big. Used for rivet riveting and upsetting rivet riveting and upsetting riveting.