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Basic Introduction Of Hollow Rivet.
Apr 01, 2018

There are many kinds of rivet, according to the purpose: hollow, solid, half hollow, core, core... , such as geographic restrictions are produced in many parts of the name, but in the specification, should include a detailed stated: the head shape diameter thickness * * head diameter (not including the head thickness) * * length size * hole depth, under normal circumstances, aperture and depth has been the standard can be omitted, if you don't have the drawings or picture, you should include these elements, and then inform material, basically can direct the production.

Hollow rivet is usually used in clothing, footwear and other industries, solid need to riveting, used in heavy industry connection, often is not detachable structure, the most widely used half a hollow rivet, beam mouth (wire diameter the smaller) nail use hard wire manufacturing, can do not need to advance within the hole through the thickness of 0.5 mm steel plate, the rivet can not bending deformation, are widely used in the password boxes, suitcases and military bags above, hollow nail (half a hollow rivet), use soft wire manufacturing, general requirements riveting after not craze, there are many kinds of types, now already large area is used for some toys axis half hollow screw or lash screw replacement, can greatly reduce the cost of production. The core and core rivets are used for the riveting of relatively thin soft materials. Generally, they are not strict, and the manufacturing materials are usually produced with good plastic materials.