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Test Methods For Bolts
Mar 25, 2018

Bolt detection is divided into two types: manual and machine. Artificial is the most primitive and the most commonly used consistent detection method. In order to minimize the bad product outflow, average production enterprise personnel treat packing or delivery of products by means of visual inspection, to eliminate non-conforming (bad tooth injury, mixing, rust, etc.).

Another method is automatic machine detection, mainly magnetic particle inspection. Magnetic particle inspection defect of the leakage magnetic field is the use of bolt and the interaction of magnetic powder, bolts for possible defects (such as cracks, slag inclusion, mixing, etc.) permeability and steel permeability difference, these materials after magnetization of the magnetic field discontinuity battery change will occur, forming part of the magnetic flux leak occurs on the surface of workpiece leakage magnetic field, so as to attract the magnetic powder form of defect magnetic powder - magnetic mark, under the condition of appropriate lighting, showing defects location and shape, to observe the accumulation of magnetic powder and explanation, has reached to weed out the purpose of the defective product.