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What Kind Of Screw Head Is Not Round?
Aug 18, 2018

What kind of screw head is not round?

 As far as the screw is concerned, the screw that does not need to be worn is a set screw, which is generally used to fix the wheel and the shaft to prevent the two from loosening and causing displacement or rotation. This way of fixing the Dongguan screw is to use a threaded hole on the circumferential surface of the wheel, and the screw is pressed against the taper or hole on the shaft through the screw hole. There is also a screw hole at the saddle of the wheel and the shaft end, which also prevents the two from shifting.

    Most of the connections or fixtures use a capped screw. The parts of the screw connection of the Dongguan screw factory are generally the through holes, and the lower parts are the screw holes, so that only when the fixed screw cap is pressed against the surface of the workpiece, the pressing force can be generated to fasten the workpiece.

Why are some Dongguan screw heads not round?

    1, the head of the metal screw head is not how the round is generally a screw mold, that is, the Dongguan screw die is not adjusted. The head chef did not adjust the mold and produced errors. The result is that the screw that is produced is not round.

    2. The mold and the die hole are not parallel after the lock is too large.

    3, the mold head type does not meet the specifications of Dongguan screw heads, the mold head type is dug.

    4, too much oil on the production machine, so that all aspects are not conducive to production.

    5, Dongguan screws have too many raw materials impurities, the quality is not good, it is also not conducive to production.

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