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What Is The Definition Of Stainless Steel Fasteners?
Apr 21, 2018

What is the definition of stainless steel fasteners?

Stainless steel generally refers to steel that has resistance to corrosion by air, water, acids, alkali salts, or other media. According to the different composition of the alloy, the stainless steel and the acid resistance are respectively emphasized. Although some steels have a non-rusting nature, they are not necessarily resistant to acids, and acid-resistant steels are generally non-rust-resistant. Austenitic stainless steels are used to produce fasteners. In people's daily lives, the stainless steel often referred to is also austenitic stainless steel. The stainless steel fasteners we use are mainly made of austenite 302, 304, 316 and “low nickel” 201.

Mainly used for: environmental protection equipment, medical equipment, communications equipment, electrical facilities, electronic products, instrumentation, food machinery, petrochemicals, shipbuilding equipment, pump and valve pipelines, building curtain wall, open space, sports facilities, outdoor decoration.

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