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What Is A Bolt
May 12, 2018

What is a bolt

The bull bolt can be directly placed in the aluminium profile groove. It can be automatically positioned and locked in the installation process. It is often used in conjunction with flange nuts. It is a standard matching connection piece when mounting angle pieces. It can be used according to the groove width and different profiles. Series of profiles to choose from. T-bolts are active anchor bolts.

The national standard for bull bolts is:

T-slot quick-release bolts (deprecated) for machine tool holder parts and components adjusted to JB/T 8007.2-1995, JB/T 8007.2-1999 | Machine-tooling parts and components T-slot quick release bolts GB / T 2165-1991. instead

GB / T 37-1988 T-slot bolts

There is also a mechanical standard: JB / T 1709-1991 T-bolts (discontinued) replaced by JB / T 1700-2008 valve parts nuts, bolts and screw plugs.

At present, there are commonly used DIN186 T-type square neck bolts, national standard GB37, DIN188T-type double-necked bolts, materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, ranging from M8-M64 specifications, quality control better domestic quality Product hardware production - Musheng, has formed a mature process.

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