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Welding Classification
Feb 10, 2018

The welding of metal is divided into three kinds, namely, welding, pressing and brazing according to the characteristics of its process.

In the process of melting welding, oxygen in the atmosphere will oxidize metal and all kinds of alloy elements if the atmosphere is in direct contact with the molten pool at high temperature. Nitrogen and water vapor in the atmosphere enter the molten pool. During the subsequent cooling process, defects such as pores, slag inclusions and cracks will form in the weld, which will deteriorate the quality and performance of the weld.

In order to improve the quality of welding, a variety of protection methods have been studied. For example, gas shielded arc welding is to use argon, carbon dioxide and other gases from the atmosphere, in order to protect the welding arc and weld pool rate; and as the steel welding, adding the oxygen affinity of large titanium powder in the electrode of oxygen, can protect the electrode in the beneficial elements of manganese and silicon from oxidation and enter the molten pool, after cooling to obtain high-quality welds.