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The History Of Die-casting
Feb 10, 2018

In 1838, in order to make the die of movable type printing, the die casting equipment was invented. The first casting related patents issued in 1849, it is a small, manual machine for the production of printing machine type. In 1885 Otto Magentle invented the Linotype typesetting machine, this machine can be a whole line of text is cast into a separate type, brought hitherto unknown innovation it to the printing industry. To enter the large-scale industrialization in the printing industry, the traditional hand pressure type has been substituted for die casting. Around 1900, to enter the market makes the hot metal typesetting printing industry automation technology to further improve, so sometimes seen in the newspaper can be more than 10 sets of die casting machine. With the continuous growth of consumer products, Otto's invention has gained more and more applications. People can use die-casting to produce parts and components in large quantities. In 1966, general power invented the fine die casting process, which is sometimes called a double head die-casting.

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