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The Characteristics Of Die-casting
Feb 10, 2018

Die casting is called die casting. It is a casting method of pouring molten alloy liquid into the pressure chamber to fill the cavity of the steel mold at high speed and solidify the alloy liquid under pressure. The main characteristics of die-casting are high pressure and high speed, which are distinguished from other casting methods.

(1) the metal liquid is filled with the cavity under pressure and crystallizes and solidifies under higher pressure. The common pressure is 15 - 100MPa.

The liquid metal to the high speed filling cavity, usually in the 10 - 50 m / s, and some can exceed 80 m / S (through the gate into a cavity of the line speed and ingate speed), so the liquid metal filling time is very short, about 0.01 to 0.2 seconds (depending on the size of castings different) within the cavity can be filled.

Die casting is a precision casting method. The dimension tolerance of die castings made by die casting is very small, and the surface accuracy is very high. In most cases, the die castings can be assembled and applied without turning, and threaded parts can also be directly cast. From the general camera parts, typewriting devices, electronic calculators and accessories, and other small parts such as automobiles, locomotives and airplanes, most of the complex parts of transportation tools are made by die casting.