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Special Screw Threading Process Standard Is Different
Jul 14, 2018

Special screw threading process standard is different

The special screw wire is not the same as the standard wire plate. Because the special screw is a non-standard screw and it is a non-standard screw, the used wire plate may be customized. Of course, it is generally available, as long as your location is not too remote, it is easy to buy at the screw production base.

Special screw .jpg

The special screw winding process is divided into several steps. Let's start with the following explanation:

As shown in Figure 1, the previous crepe plate was replaced first, and then the custom-made crepe plate was replaced.

2, start debugging; after the installation of the silk plate, it is necessary to debug, the commissioning time is relatively long, and the general technicians can only debug it in an hour or two.

3, start production; after debugging, it can be produced.

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