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Fault And Solving Method Of Turning Parts
Feb 10, 2018

The common faults and solutions for turning thread are threads formed on the surface of cylindrical workpiece along the helix, with continuous slots and grooves with the same section. In the mechanical manufacturing industry, the threaded parts are widely used. It is a common processing method to process the thread by turning. In the horizontal lathe (such as CA6140) on the turning of metric and inch system, the modulus and size control of the four standard thread, no matter what kind of thread turning, exercise strict relation between the lathe spindle and the tool must be: a turn each spindle (i.e. workpiece turn), turning tool should be evenly a mobile (workpiece) lead distance. The relationship between them is that the movement of the spindle with the workpiece rotates, the movement of the spindle to the feed box hanging round; from the feed box by a transmission after (mainly in order to obtain a variety of pitch) is transmitted to the screw by the screw nut; and the slip board box is matched with the driven tool for a straight line moving, so moving the rotation of the workpiece and tool are achieved through the spindle drive, so as to ensure the strict movement between the workpiece and tool. Due to various reasons, the movement between spindle and tool can cause problems in a certain link, resulting in failure during turning thread and affecting normal production. So we should solve it in time.