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Die Casting Die
Feb 10, 2018

The die casting die consists of two parts, which are the cover and the active part, and the part of the die casting is called the parting line. In the hot chamber die casting, the cover part has the gate, but in the cold chamber die casting is the injection port. The molten metal can enter the mold from here, the shape of which matches the injection chamber in the hot chamber die-casting or the injection chamber in the cold chamber die-casting. The active part usually includes the push rod and the flow channel, the so-called channel is the channel between the gate and the cavity of the mold, and the molten metal enters the cavity through this channel. The covering part is usually connected to the fixed pressure plate or the front pressure plate, while the active part is connected to the movable pressure plate. The cavity is divided into two cavity inserts, which are independent components that can be easily removed or installed from the mold by a bolt.