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Comparison Of Die-casting
Feb 10, 2018

The cost of casting equipment and moulds is high, so the die casting process is generally used only for mass production of a large number of products. It is relatively easy to make the parts of the die casting, which usually takes only four main steps, and the single cost increment is very low. Die-casting is especially suitable for the manufacture of large number of small and medium castings, so die-casting is the most widely used of various casting processes. Compared with other casting techniques, the surface of the die-casting is more flat and has higher dimensional consistency.

On the basis of the traditional die-casting process, several improved processes were born, including the non hole die-casting process to reduce the casting defects and eliminate the pores. It is mainly used for the processing of zinc, which can reduce the direct injection process of the waste to increase the rate of finished products. There are also the fine die casting technology developed by the General Dynamic Corp and the new die casting process, such as semi solid die casting and so on.