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What is the difference between tubular rivet and hollow rivet?
May 13, 2018

The tubular rivets is a hollow rivet, different from the commonly known as "corn" hollow rivet, the riveting machine to stamping and tube material, it is widely used in precision instruments, mach Cinery, hardware, electronic appliances, auto parts, lighting and other industries. The function of tubular rivet is to connect two materials, either the same material or two different realize automation of artifacts, and can satisfy all kinds of demand, its use range is very wide, reduces the operating procedures in use, greatly improved the work efficiency.

The hollow rivet

The hollow rivet is on the base of the semi-hollow rivet, which is to be machined to the head. Due to its light weight and weak head, it is used for riveting of non-metallic materials with small load. Hollow rivet is usually used in clothing, footwear and other industries, solid need to riveting, used in heavy industry connection, often is not detachable structure, the most widely used half a hollow rivet, beam mouth (wire diameter the smaller) nail use hard wire manufacturing, can need not pre hole through the 0.5 mm thickness of steel plate, the rivet can not bending deformation, are widely used in the password boxes, suitcases and military bags above, hollow nail (half a hollow rivet), use soft wire manufacturing, general requirements riveting after not craze, there are many kinds of types.

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