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The stability of tubular rivets.
May 13, 2018

The stability of the tubular rivet rivet timeliness, pillar type tubular rivets under the action of pressure riveting, if because of bending deformation resulting from the instability, can also cause cage clamp ball, bearing rotation is not flexible, etc. Because tubular rivet has the maximum flexibility in the thickness direction, it is necessary to check the stability of the tubular rivet in the thickness direction. In the flexibility of the thickness of the circular grooved tubular rivets in the direction of the thickness of the smaller thickness, the degree of flexibility is the degree of flexibility, and the height coefficient is the same as the height coefficient, and I is the inertia radius, and J is the inertia moment of the tubular rivet in the direction of thickness.

When the tubular rivet is riveted for the second time, it can be regarded as the lower end of the rivet, and the upper end can only be shifted. Because of short tubular rivets, its flexibility is generally less than the flexibility of corresponding material yield limit, so little flexibility pole tubular rivet, so the buckling critical stress of the tubular rivet, the lever of tubular rivets stability check formula. In the formula: the actual stability and safety factor of the tubular rivet, the stability and safety factor of the regulation, generally 1.8-3.0, tubular rivets work stress. If the calculation results do not meet the above conditions, the stability of the tubular rivet is not enough, and the stability of the tubular rivet should be increased by increasing the thickness of tubular rivet.

Shallow pocket hole ribbon cage overall poor rigidity, the riveting timeliness are prone to deformation of tubular rivets, half dislocation cage, so in the ring groove design of tubular rivets to reasonable selection of tubular rivets and maintains a parameter, and the related calculation, lest appear clip ball bearings and the phenomenon such as rotation is not flexible.

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