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Tubular rivets are associated with our lives.
May 13, 2018

Tubular rivet is a kind of commonly used fasteners. With the development of manufacturing industry, the fasteners of supporting fasteners also develop, and there are many kinds of tubular rivets. Some of the tools in life have applications, and the most commonly used connection tool is the tubular riveting gun, which can be said to be closely related to our production and life.

The first tubular rivets were live with bone wooden tubular rivets, to connect some tools of daily life, metal tool appeared slowly, people began to build the original metal tubular rivets, connection of some metal tools, such as in aerospace manufacturing, ship manufacturing, said electronics industry is inseparable from the fastening industry in this humble, can tighten industry's contribution to the development of human be reckoned, fasteners of quality directly affects the development of a product, and our daily life is closely linked, fasteners, with such big market, But China's fasteners account for only about 10% of world sales.

Tubular rivets and fasteners are small parts, but for some mechanical equipment performance and safety performance plays an important role, once the failure, will cause serious consequences, so the development of manufacturing and other industries inseparable from the role of the fasteners.

We are regular and legitimate tubular riveting manufacturers, and we have industry friends who need tubular rivets. Welcome to our company.

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