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The reason for the removal of cap from tubular rivets.
May 13, 2018

Tubular rivets in the process of riveting, there will have a certain probability hat phenomenon, the hat will be the stability of the structure of tubular rivets influence, zodiac tubular rivets below introduce you hat of the several reasons:

1. When the riveting mechanism is riveted, the small wings on the edge are too small, which makes the cap and nails not fit together.

2. It is that the nail and the cap do not match, the gap in the inside does not match, causing the quality of the tubular rivet to be removed, and the operation is not successful.

3. The size of the nail head also has a peculiar effect on the quality of tubular rivets.

4. After galvanized nails, do not mix with oil and water. No one will rust, or take off your hat.

Through the above content, I believe that you have a certain understanding of the removal of tubular rivet, and can avoid this phenomenon in the process of use.

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