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Application of tubular rivets in large machinery.
May 13, 2018

Tubular rivet is an important product of rivet industry, it is used widely, even if it is a big machine such as heavy-duty truck, it is not without the small part such as tubular rivet.

As a small part of a heavy duty truck, rivet plays an irreplaceable role. Tubular rivet is a kind of heavy duty truck driven plate. The rivet has sufficient strength and high temperature resistance, and can be used to guide and limit the axial movement of the friction plate during the working process. The tubular rivet is hollow structure, the end of which is fitted with the positioning hole on the friction piece, and the end is arranged to prevent the friction from falling off. The beneficial effect of this structure is that effectively strengthen the structural strength of platen rivet, reduce fracture, fall off wait for a phenomenon in the process of using the rivets, ensure the characteristic curve of axial compression of platen.

Therefore, tubular rivets are an essential component for large machines such as heavy-duty vehicles.

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