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Measurement of the edge size of tubular rivet and contour defect detection.
May 06, 2018

The detection algorithm of tube rivet edge size can be applied to the detection of head size and contour defects, and the specific detection effect can be observed through the actual detection image. This is actually tested.

A projection rectangle is determined in the original input image, and the projection image is obtained, then the filtering and the edge are determined. The two line segments show the detected edge, the difference between the pixels of the two segments is the pixel size, and the measurement of the size of the tubular rivet is completed by calibrating the actual size. For the input image with the shadow inside the fast rill edge contour, it is necessary to use the direction of the change of gray level in the edge to determine the edge contour and eliminate the interference according to the actual situation.

The method of dimension measurement can also be used to detect the contour defects, the principle is the same as the measurement. Specific method is as follows: determine a projection rectangle, make it take the center point of fastener head as center, undertake dimensional measurement.

After the projection center of rectangular do the circumference of the fixed rotation and size measurement again, every time the rotation Angle according to the accuracy of the contour defects detection needs, tubular rivet precision demand is high, every time the rotation Angle of the need to get smaller.

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