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The history of rivet development
May 06, 2018

The earliest rivet is a small stud wood or bone, the earliest metal deformation is likely to be the ancestors of the rivet we know today. There is no doubt that they are metallic connection method of the oldest known to mankind, can be traced back to the original use wrought metal so far, for example: the Bronze Age egyptians used rivet type slotted wheel perimeter of the six wooden door riveting fastening together, form the greeks after successfully cast in bronze statue of large, reoccupy rivet riveting components together.

In 1916, when British aircraft manufacturer h. v. white first patented a blind rivet that could be riveted, it was almost impossible to expect the rivet to be widely used today. From space shuttle to office machines, electronics and playground equipment, the blind rivet has now become an effective and stable mechanical connection.

Hollow rivet mostly for manufacturing or repairing harnesses and equipment and invention, hollow rivet what time of the invention, people are not very clear, but the harness is among the 9 or 10 century invented. Riveting harness and hung up the horseshoe nail, set slaves from heavy work liberate, rivet has also led to many important inventions, such as copper iron workers with iron type pliers and pastoral wool scissors, etc.

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