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How should tubular rivets be cleaned after encountering dirt?
May 03, 2018

Tubular rivets is similar to the rivet that kind of fasteners are some fixed cleaning machine, tubular rivets the cleaner, do not affect the environment, and can satisfy the high cleaning quality requirement, fully meet the needs of the low carbon economy market competition.

1. Alkaline cleaning machine: alkaline cleaning machine is made of alkaline earth metal salt mixed with detergent and surfactant, which is the most widely used cleaning agent. 2. Synthetic cleaning agent: the synthetic cleaner is different from the standard alkaline cleaner, which is different from the chemical composition and is also an alkaline cleaner. 3. Acidic cleaning agent: it is not an effective method to remove the common contaminants on metal fasteners, usually with alkaline cleaner. Soluble emulsifier: soluble emulsifier usually contains soil, solvent, emulsifier, detergent, corrosion inhibitor and a small amount of water. 5. Detergents: decontamination agents mainly contain solvents, surfactants and water. Unlike emulsifying cleaner, it is pure solvent, not emulsion.

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