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An example is given to determine the length of the tubular rivet.
May 01, 2018

Each rivet when used according to link to determine the thickness of the workpiece length, so you can know how to make the length of the rivet, so we usually is how to determine the use of tubular rivets to make the length of the, the following is by Beijing red by way of example for everyone about determination method.

Rivet hole hole size for min (minimum) 0.1 Max (maximum) 0.2 artifacts 45% - 45% of total thickness is commonly rivet length. It is best not to above 60%. The other is too short working length is more troublesome. Suggest that normally will be subject to 50% - 60%. For example: if two or more artifact is the total thickness of 6 mm rivet should be able to choose the length should be 9.23 -- 13.3 mm. So it is best to 12 mm long between more appropriate.

This is the principle of determining the length of the tubular rivet, and of course the specific treatment, such as the specific requirement, should be made according to the length of the specific requirement.

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