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Small rivet, big effect.
May 01, 2018

Before welding process not out, all the artifacts connection is riveting, it is a very ancient artifacts connection technology, although it has a history of forty-five thousand years, but still is one of the main connection technique, is indispensable. Especially in the manufacture of aviation spacecraft, the riveting workload is very large, and it is said that the rivet amount of the C919 is estimated to be million, and the number of rivet in the ARJ21 of the regional jet is as much as 500,000.

The main structural material of the aircraft is aluminum alloy, the aluminum structure of commercial aircraft and the net quality of the parts account for 60%~80% of the total net quality of the aircraft. Connection structure and parts of aluminum rivet must be made of electrode potential difference minimum of aluminum alloy, of course it is best to use the same metal rivets, if can't use the same alloy rivets, alloy electrode potential as far as possible close, also in case of contact between dissimilar metals and/or alloy corrosion.

The rivets are made of wire, and in order to make aircraft and other aluminum equipment, aluminum industry and other departments have developed and processed a series of special aluminum alloys for rivet lines. There are two kinds of aluminum alloy materials used in aluminum structure: heat treatment cannot strengthen aluminum alloy and heat treatment can strengthen aluminum alloy. These special rivet aluminum alloys have been incorporated into national standard GB/T3197.

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