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Deftly remove rusty fasteners.
Apr 22, 2018

Fasteners are used throughout all kinds of equipment and facilities. For fasteners, our common problem is rust. It is difficult to uninstall and unscrew. This is actually quite normal, perhaps because fasteners use too long, or fastener material quality is not too good, facing rusty fasteners, but can not unload, how to do? The Chinese standard parts net provides five skills for you to uninstall rusty fasteners.

1. Shock: rusty screws, do not use wrenches, six face angles, prevent slide screw or wrench. At this point, you can use the hammer with a slightly shaky wrench to handle, generally can screw rusty screws in vibration.

2. Knock: use your hammer, corroded stainless steel nut, easy to loosen the nut. For example, the two ends of the stationary bolt and nut of the bicycle pedal, depending on the thickness of the pedals, the metal structure, and the size of the nut. The nuts between the cast iron can be forced slightly larger, using plastic. If you still can't do it, the direction of the hammer nut, the nut can be easily deleted.

3. Burn: some screw embroidery corrosion is very serious, the above method still does not work, can adopt "fire". Use the gas welding torch screw, the nut completely barbecue, and then burn the red screw silk small oil droplet. The purpose of heating the screw is to expand the screw. The purpose of the drop meeting is to make the screws shrink quickly, increase the gap between the screw and the stainless steel nut, and the oil will flow into the release nut. But if you have any plastic components, be careful about this method.

4. Impact: the protection of stainless steel screws corroded at the top of some equipment can not be used with a wrench, cutter, and the method of discharging influence is available. First, the top with the hammer and a screwdriver is the impact of flat straight v groove. Then, adjust the cone Angle and the direction of rotation along the spiral. After that, the wire clamp screws can be used. The word "one" or "ten" bolt slides, this method may be adopted, wire screw clamping screw.

5. Welding: remove the device and screw the screw. The top of the broken screw, usually without an electric drill, because it would be a little careless with the broken line. A better method is to weld the broken wire long iron. Determine the iron cross section is the diameter of stainless steel fasteners.

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