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What is the working principle of locking nuts?
Apr 15, 2018

Nuts principle: the nuts work by using the friction between the nut and the bolt. But the reliability of this self-lock is reduced in dynamic loads. On some important occasions, we will take some anti-loose measures to ensure the reliability of the nut lock. The lock nut is one of the anti - loosening measures.

What is the lock nut lock nut also has two kinds?

One is to screw on the same bolt with two identical nuts and attach a tightening torque between the two nuts to make the bolt connection reliable.

The other is a special anti-lock nut that needs to be used in conjunction with an anti-loose gasket.

Dedicated locknut is not hexagonal nut, but a round nut, there are six in the nut on the circumference of a circle of gap, the six gap is the focus of tighten tools, and locking washers bayonet card into place. The second method is more reliable than the first, but the structure is relatively complex. What is the lock nut and the self - lock nut distinguish from the lock nut its function is mainly to prevent loose, anti - vibration. For special occasions. The lock nut and the self-locking nut are a concept. The nut with self-locking function is called the lock nut. Screw in torque and screw out torque have relevant standards, refer to mechanical design manual or national nut standard.

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