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Two little knowledge of hardware stainless steel fasteners.
Apr 15, 2018

Fasteners use stainless steel as the material, it can be said that no matter in the manufacture, use or processing of each link have very big advantage, so although fasteners with stainless steel as the material itself cost higher, cycle life is relatively short, but in the fastener solution but still belongs to a kind of more savings.

The stainless steel magnetic problem of fasteners.

If the fastener USES stainless steel as the main material, the magnetic problem of stainless steel itself should be understood. Stainless steel is generally considered not magnetic, but actually austenite system column material after a certain processing technology, is likely a certain magnetic, but if regard magnetic is judging the quality of stainless steel fasteners, standard is not accurate.

When the fastener is selected, whether the stainless steel material is magnetic does not indicate its quality, in fact some chromium manganese stainless steel is not magnetic stainless steel. Chromium manganese stainless steel in stainless steel fasteners can not replace 300 series stainless steel, especially in highly corrosive working environment.

Use of nickel in fasteners.

Fasteners in the process of using stainless steel as material, ever more dependent on the use of nickel element, but in the case of nickel element global prices, price of fasteners is affected by the larger. In order to reduce the cost pressure and improve the competitive ability of fasteners, fastener manufacturers have specially sought replacement materials and produced stainless steel fasteners with low nickel type.

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