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Fasteners usually include 13 kinds of parts.
Apr 15, 2018

Fasteners usually include the following 13 parts:

1. Bolts: a type of fasteners consisting of two parts of the head and the screw (the cylinder with external threads) shall be fitted with the nut to tighten the connection of two parts with a through-hole. This form of connection is called bolt connection. If the nut is rotated from the bolt, there is a way to separate the two parts, so the bolt connection is a detachable connection.

2. Stud: there is no head, only one kind of fasteners with external thread on both ends. One end of the connection, it must be screwing in part with internal thread hole, the other end through the parts with hole, and then screw nut, even if the two parts fastening connection into a whole. This form of connection is called a stud connection, and is also a detachable connection. It is mainly used for connecting parts with large thickness, compact structure, or because of frequent disassembly.

3. Screw: it is also a kind of fastener consisting of head and screw, which can be divided into three categories: machine screw, fixed screw and special purpose screw. Screw machine is mainly used for the parts of a set screw hole, and a fastening connection between parts with hole, don't need a nut with (this kind of connection form called screw connection, also belong to the detachable connection; It can also be fitted with the nut for fastening connections between two parts with a through-hole. The fastening screw is mainly used to fix the relative position between two parts. Special purpose screws such as a sling screw are used for lifting parts.

4. Nut: with internal thread hole, general is shown for the flat six Angle shape, also have a flat square shape or cylindrical, flat with screw bolt, stud, or machine, used for fastening the two parts, as a whole.

5. Self-tapping screw: similar to machine screw, but thread of screw thread is used for special self-tapping screw thread. Used for fastening two thin metal components, make it as a whole, the component on the need to make holes in advance, because the screw has high hardness, can be directly screwing component hole, make component formed in response to the internal thread

6. Wood screw, is similar to the machine screw, the screw thread on the special wood screw with thread, can be directly screwing in wooden components (or parts), is used to put a metal (or non-metal) parts with hole with a wooden fastening components. This connection also belongs to the disassembly connection.

Gasket: a type of fastener with a circular ring shape. In the bearing surface of the bolt, screw or nut and connection parts surface, plays an increasing connected parts contact surface area, reduce the pressure per unit area and protect connected parts surface is not damaged; Another type of elastic washer can also play a role in preventing the return of nuts.

8. Baffle: the action of preventing the movement of parts from the shaft or hole in the shaft or hole of the machine and equipment.

9. Pin: mainly used for the positioning of parts, and some can also be used for connecting parts, fixing parts, transferring power or locking other fasteners.

10. Rivet: a class of fasteners made up of two parts of the head and the nailing rod, which are used to fasten the two parts (or components) that are connected through the hole to make it a whole. This type of connection is called rivet connection, or riveting. Belong to non - disassembly connection. Because to separate the two parts connected together, the rivet on the part must be broken.

11. Assembly and connection vice: assembly supply refers to the combination of fasteners, such as a machine screw (, autonomous screw or bolt) and flat washer (or spring washer, lock washer) combined supply; A type of fastener that connects a particular bolt, nut, and gasket.

12. Welding: as the light energy and nail head (or no nail head) constitute a heterogeneous fasteners, he fixed connection with welding method on a parts (or components), so that to connect with other parts.

13. Wire screw sleeve: a new type of threaded connection element is made of steel wire, which is made of high strength, high precision and corrosion resistant diamond. In the form of spring, it is installed in the special screw hole of the base body, and the internal surface is formed standard thread, which can obviously improve the strength and wear resistance of the screw thread when combined with the screw (bolt). Especially in aluminum, magnesium, cast iron, plastic and other low-strength materials. The lock type is to add a ring or a few laps to the base of the common type. Xinxiang yongda industrial co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of steel wire spiral sets, suggested wire embedding a screw aluminum, magnesium, iron, glass, plastic and other low strength of screw thread of engineering materials, can form the standard M, MJ thread, with continuous strength, resistance to impact and abrasion loss function, and can disperse stress to protect matrix thread, greatly extend the service life of the matrix. At the same time, improve the force of the thread, the formation of the elastic connection, eliminates the internal and external thread pitch and tooth type half Angle error between, make the load evenly distributed on the thread, to protect the matrix thread is not damaged, prolong service life.

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