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What is the cleaning process description of stainless steel screws
Aug 18, 2018

What is the cleaning process description of stainless steel screws?

  The stainless steel screws that can be seen everywhere in our lives are all seen from the exposed parts. Some screws hide the inside of the item. We don’t have the part that removes the cover screw. We can’t see it and we don’t know if it’s a screw. What kind of screws, but some of the screw fasteners exposed to the outside, we can see at a glance, in order to make these exposed screws look more beautiful, many stainless steel screws factory made the surface of the screw fasteners deal with. Make it more beautiful. The performance of stainless steel screws makes it unnecessary to do the plating work in the finished product. Just clean the surface of the stainless steel screws to brighten the stainless steel screws. What is the cleaning process of the stainless steel screws?

  The following stainless steel screw factory briefly introduces the cleaning process description of stainless steel screws:


  In the process of production, the screw will pass through several machines filled with oil. Therefore, when the screw is finished, there will be oil stain on the surface. Here we need to clean it to restore it to the real body. When cleaning, pour the stainless steel cleaning. The oil liquid is washed at room temperature for 3 to 8 minutes, then rinsed with water to dry.

  2. Descaling

  Some of the screws produced in the production process, it needs to be removed here to restore the bright appearance, it is the same as the degreasing method, but the stainless steel screw descaling detergent is different, it also has a special cleaning The agent is poured into the mechanical vibration tank at normal temperature, and the stainless steel screw is mechanically shaken for 2 to 30 minutes, and then washed and filtered again.

  3, polishing

  Polishing is also a common method for surface treatment of stainless steel screws. It needs to be machined with abrasives to grind the surface burrs and protruding parts of the stainless steel screws to make them bright. After polishing, the cleaning step is required to make the surface More bright.

  The surface treatment of stainless steel screws is generally the above three, and there are other methods for surface treatment by means of plating in order to change the performance of stainless steel screws.

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