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What is a hexagon nut
May 12, 2018

What is a hexagon nut

Hexagon nut is used together with bolts and screws to act as connecting fasteners. Among them, type 1 hexagon nuts are the most widely used, and C-level nuts are used on machines, equipment or structures whose surface is rough and whose precision is not high; A-level and B-level nuts are used for smooth and smooth surfaces, and machines with high precision are required. The thickness of the 0.2-type hex nut on the equipment or structure is relatively thick. It is often used for occasions in which the hex nut is often required to be assembled and disassembled. The thickness of the thin nut is thin, and it is mostly used when the surface space of the connected parts is limited.

Nuts are internally threaded and used in conjunction with bolts. They are internally threaded and used in conjunction with a threaded rod to transmit motion or power.

A nut is a nut that is screwed together with a bolt or screw to act as a part of a fastening action, an original element that all manufacturing machinery must use. There are a wide variety of nuts. We often have nuts for the national standard, British standard, American standard, and Japanese standard. According to different materials, nuts are divided into several major types: carbon steel, high strength, stainless steel, and plastic steel. According to the product's attribute, the country's different standard numbers are divided into ordinary, non-standard, (old) national standard, new national standard, American system, English system, and German standard. Different sizes, threads are not divided into different specifications. The general national standard, the German standard is represented by a medium number (eg M8, M16), the American system, and the English system use a fraction or # to indicate the specifications (eg 8#, 10#, 1/4, 3/8) fasteners, and the nut is the machine Parts tightly connected to the equipment can be connected together by inner threads, equivalent nuts and screws. For example M4-0.7 nuts can only be used with M4-0.7 screws (in nuts, M4 refers to the inner diameter of the nut About 4 mm, 0.7 means the distance between the two thread teeth is 0.7 mm. The same is true for American products. For example, 1 / 4-20 nuts can only be used with 1 / 4-20 screws (1/4 finger nut The inner diameter is approximately 0.25 inches and 20 fingers each have 20 teeth).

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