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Feb 10, 2018

Also known as welding, welding, melt, is a kind of heating, high temperature or high pressure way of metal or other thermoplastic materials such as plastic manufacturing process and technology. Welding through the following three ways to achieve the purpose of engagement:

1, fusion welding -- the workpiece to be joined by heating and partial melting to form molten pool. The pool will be joined after cooling and solidifying. If necessary, filler can be added. It is suitable for welding all kinds of metals and alloys without pressure.

2. Pressure welding - the process of welding must apply pressure to the welding parts, which belongs to the processing of all kinds of metal materials and some metal materials.

3, brazing -- using metal material with lower melting point of base metal as filler metal, wetting the base material with liquid solder, filling the joint gap, and interconnecting with the base material to realize the linked welding piece. It is suitable for the welding of various materials, and is also suitable for welding of different metal or different materials.

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