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Non-standard screws are widely used in small spaces
Jul 14, 2018

Non-standard screws are widely used in small spaces

Non-standard screws of the type of flat head small hexagonal hex hex rivet nuts, with through holes, blind holes, knurled and no knurling.

Non-standard screws are widely used in the assembly of electromechanical and light industrial products. If the nut of a certain product needs to be installed outside, the space inside is small, and the indenter of the riveting machine cannot be put into the riveting and pumping. When the method cannot meet the strength requirement, then the riveting and riveting are not feasible. Must be riveted. Suitable for all thickness plates, pipe (0.5MM-6mm) fastening field. The pneumatic or manual rivet gun can be riveted at one time, which is convenient and firm; instead of the traditional welding nut, it can make up for the thin metal plate, the thin tube is welded and melted, and the welded nut is not smooth.

The flat head small hexagonal hex rivet nut is mainly used in the bolt connection of non-structural bearing, such as the connection of interior parts such as rail passenger cars, road passenger cars, boat moorings, and improved rivet nuts that can prevent spins than aircraft nut nuts. It is more excellent, and its advantage is that it is lighter in weight. It is not necessary to fix the pallet nut with rivets in advance, and there is no operation space on the back of the substrate.

The standard rivet nuts are M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10 M12. In fact, it is recommended to use M6 and M8. Because of the small thread, the thread can be directly tapped on the substrate. If the thread is large, the weight of the bolt is greatly increased. The connection strength increase is limited, that is, the matching is not reasonable.

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